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It's usually because you need to bring them home and do something fun, feed them, make them comfortable and then propose!

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Q: Your sims love each other but won't marry?
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How do you marry someone from a different house on sims 2?

To marry someone from a different house you first have to make your sims fall in love with each other. then click on the sim from the other house and find propose. tada! that should do it.

How do you get sims to marry each other?

You make them be nice and romantic to each other

How do you get a sim to accept a proposal on The Sims 2 game?

They have to like each other on a love level and then you should have a option to marry them.

How do sims marry each other when they are married to other sims?

Get them to break up with their old partners first.

How can you marry someone in the sims1 for PC?

You have to have sims from different household and they have to be 100% in love with each other, then in time the option 'Propose' will appear.

How do you get your Sims to love each other?

You make your sims best friends,

How do you get your sims to marry each other on sims pets 2?

i dont no tryin 2 find out my self

Can you get two males to marry each other on sims 3 ambitions?


How do you make sims in sims 2 pets want to fall in love?

In the Sims series of games, your Sims won't want to fall in love until they know each other well... so you have to get your sims to have conversations with each other, and know each other really well, and that will open up additional "love" options, like giving them a hug. :) If you take it slow and don't try to push them into it too fast, you can usually get any two sims to fall in love with each other.

How can you get your sims to marry on sims castaway 2 wii?

it should be like the other Sim games. just get them to fall in love and that the smiley heart

Can two of your sims date each other?

They can if they are in love,and you have nightlife...

What you need to do to make your Sims fall in love to The Sims that he or she does not know in The Sims 2 Season?

Sims can only fall in love with a Sim they have met, if they don't each other they will have no relationship.