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If a product like wd40 does not work easily Get a new gas valve, Why risk loosing your house over a 100-200 dollar part. If the gas on your car was stuck well you get it.

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Q: How do you unseize the gas valve on a Laars Lite pool heater?
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Have a laars lite 2 pool heater and cannnot get pilot to even lite you hear gas bleeding but it will not lite?

Good chance its your hot surface ignighter that has broken. Check to make sure that there is 120 v or far more common 220v at fenwal Depending if heater is wired for 120v or 240v. If proper voltage is present ignighter is broken. by zoomy

Why would burner pilot light extinguish shortly after firing up on Laars Lite Model LLG Pool heater?

Have the thermocouple checked or spillage from down draft and make sure there is free air for proper combustion

Why won't your laars lite pool heater turn on The heat exchanger temperature sensing bulb and siphon loop assembly have all been replaced with no leaks.?

When was the last time the filter was cleaned? Have all the components in the heater system been checked for proper values? Does the heater sound as if it wants to fire up? Does it have a pilot light or electronic ignition? Have the orifices been checked for bugs or spiders? Ken

Would water heater lite if gas was turned off?


What other problem besides the thermocouple would cause a heater not to stay lite?

The thermocouple only keeps the pilot light. Temp sensor,gas valve, high limit switch, safety switch,thermostat, would cause burner not to stay lite. Better to post MFG,model, problem. lenox,model #, ______________________________

What is wrong if your pilot light will not stay lite?

High winds, pilot generator. Is the heater located next to a wall? Is the heater door closed? Does the heater have a draft hood or what they call a stackless heater? Ken

Dash lights do not lite up?

my g6 heater and shifter console does not light up

Pilot lite on teledyne laars mini therm 2 wont stay lit?

Replacing the thermocouple that the pilot flame touches when it is lit will fix the problem 90% of the time. A thermocouple costs about ten dollars and allows the gas to the pilot and main tube to flow by generating millivolts from the heat of the pilot flame. The thermocouple is a copper wire attached by a small nut to the main gas valve near the pilot tube coming out of the gas valve.

Replaced the pilot generator on a Laars lite and it generates 670 to 700 millivolts however pilot won't stay lit when releaseing the valve Is it a bad gas valve Is it worth the money to replace?

Assuming you are getting that measurement at the valve would indicate a strong pilot generator and if the valve still will not open then I would pronounce the gas valve DOA. To replace the valve cost can vary from $350 to $650 depending on the Contractor due keep in mind that you've replaced the Pilot Generator and now a valve to finsh the job right install a new Pilot Body with the correct orifice and that will round out a reliable system. Good luck! Tim J&K Heating and Cooling Inc.

What could be the problem with a Teledyne-Laars pool heater that will not light It makes the clicking noises and never lights you turned the gas off for 5 minutes but nothing?

It sounds like the spark module is working but maybe corrosion is preventing gas from getting to the spark. How long has it been since burners pulled and inspected? If u can understand how a gas grill doesn't lite when its been too long between cleanings its the same basic thing.

Pilot will not light?

If it will not lite at all, copper pilot line kinked,,, bad gas valve, if you have the button on pilot and depressed down all the way. Will light but not stay lite, bad thermocouple.

My 1991 Toyota Camry heater we think its the fan that does work The lights are still lite Is it hard to replace it Thank you?

Do you have heat when you turn the fan on?