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Q: What is the purpose of an extractor?
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What is the purpose of the shape of an auto pistol extractor hook?

To have a purchase on the rim of the ammuntion.

How do you strain honey from the comb?

By removing the combs from the hive and then putting them in an extractor specially designed for that purpose.

What are the advantages of having a kitchen extractor fan?

There are many advantages to having a kitchen extractor fan. Kitchen extractor fans controls humidity and clears odors and fumes caused by smoke from cooking. The fans also helps to slow food spoilage.

What is the purpose of the carpet extractor?

it is designed from dry foam shampooing of carpet it removes dirt that sticks to or penetrates into the carpet layers...

What is the antonym for extractor?

An extractor is a word for a fan that you often find in bathrooms. An antonym for extractor is introducer.

When was Extractor hood created?

Extractor hood was created in 1937.

How do you replace the extractor on a cobra 380 hand gun?

Clear the pistol of all ammunition, remove magazine. Remove slide. Press extractor pin out with a pin punch. This will release extractor and extractor spring. Insert extractor spring and new extractor, press into place, hold while reinserting extractor pin. Or replace it- a new one costs what a gunsmith will charge to repair one.

What actors and actresses appeared in Extractor - 2011?

The cast of Extractor - 2011 includes: David LaVera as Viktor Razorwire Sam Macaroni as The Extractor

Where to get a juice extractor in monster hunter freedom 2?

there is no juice extractor on MHFU

What does a gun extractor do?

The extractor removes the spent shell after the gun has fired. I am sure most people think of the extractor as part of a gun. That may well be true. Keep in mind that the extractor also could be a man. In that case the extractor would be part of a gun crew.

What is welding fume extractor?

Welding fume extractor is nothing but the eliminating of welding fumes in the industries.The weldingfume extractor has provided fume extractors to absorb welding fume from the workplace. It is one of the leading Welding fume extractor manufacturers in the country. For more details about the welding fume extractor visit our site at

What actors and actresses appeared in Extractor - 2012?

The cast of Extractor - 2012 includes: Sam Macaroni as The Extactor