Who makes the best ar-15 rifle?

Updated: 9/17/2023
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It is often said that the S&W M&P15 is one of the best quality builds. However, I built my own from a stripped lower and parts. I consider my own build to be very reliable and high quality.

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Q: Who makes the best ar-15 rifle?
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What is the cheapest AR15 rifle made?


Website address for troubleshooting colt ar 15 rifle?

Try Try

What is the difference between an M4 rifle and an ar15 rifle?

The M4 is capable of automatic fire, the AR 15 is not

Do lightened trigger springs work in a ar15 - 22 caliber rifle?

Not recommended.

What does CAR15 stand forIts a type of gun?

It is the Carbine (short rifle) version of the AR15. AR stands for Armalite Rifle. It is a semi auto rifle.

What is the manufacture date of a Colt AR15 model SP1 serial number SP192754?

What is the manufacture date of a Colt AR15 rifle serial number 192754 model SP1

Where do you install the bolt catch in a rifle?

Depends on the rifle- some do not HAVE a bolt catch. On the AR15 family of rifles, it is the left side of the receiver.

What does ar stand for ar15 gun?

ARmalite Model 15 but it very commonly thought to be automatic rifle.

What is the differenca between an AR15 and a M4?

AR-15 = Semi-Auto civilian rifle M4 = Select Fire Military rifle

Are you allowed o hunt with an assault rifle in the state of colorado?

There is no legal definition of "assault rifle". If you mean an AR15 style rifle, then it depends on the rifle, and what you are hunting. An AR15 firing .223/ 5.56mm can be used for small game. For big game, the rifle may not be capable of holding more than 6 rds of ammo, and must be .24 caliber or larger, with 1000 ft lbs of energy at 100 yards. The AR15 in .223 will not meet those standards. A larger AR, such as the AR10, could meet them. No fully automatic firearms may be used for hunting.

What is a Colt AR15 Law enforcement rifle worth?

250-2500 USD depending on the EXACT model.

What is the value of a Colt AR15 223 caliber rifle serial no SP 00156?

50-1200 usd