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yes but no but yes

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Q: Can you remove the studds from a studded tire after winter?
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She bought a new car, where can she buy studded tires for winter driving?

If you are looking to buy studded tires, any reputable tire dealer should carry them in stock. I recommend places like Pepboy's or Town Fair Tire for available models.

Are studded tires allowed in Illinois?

No, studded tires are not legal in Illinois.

How do you stud winter tires?

To stud winter tires, you will need to purchase tire studs and a stud gun. The studs are inserted into the tire using the gun, following the manufacturer's instructions and recommended stud pattern for optimal traction on ice and snow-covered roads. Make sure to check local regulations as some areas may have restrictions on studded tires.

What kind of tire would you use while driving on ice?

Studded snow tire.

Where is the best place to buy studded tires?

Goodyear Tire Stores are a good choice to prepare for the Winter season. They give great deals on studded tires and the quality is great as well! If you want to find some Goodyear Dealers near you visit

Why are studded tire illegal in Wisconsin?

They damage the road surface.

Where can I buy a good set of studded tires?

Yes, visit a studded tire store in your area. Studded tired would be an excellent chose from if your are driving on ice roads. To find good tires go online and compare different tire shops who provide them to look at the prices.

Drivers may use studded snow tire between?

Depends on what state you live in.

Are studded tires allowed in new jersey?

The law states that you can use chains, if weather conditions permit it. There is nothing written that actually uses the term "Studded Tire"

What has the author Harold C Sorenson written?

Harold C. Sorenson has written: 'Studded tire pavement wear reduction and repair, phase III' -- subject(s): Studded tires

Are tire chains legal in Kansas?

The use of tire chains are legal in the state of Kansas. You can also use studded tires in Kansas during the months of November through March.

Is there a legal year round laternative to studded tires?

Yes you are able to run whatever tire you have on your vehicle year around.