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needs a new drive belt!

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Q: Why would my john deere trs 21 snow thrower's blade stop rotating?
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Does the manufacturing logo on a circular saw blade always face out toward you?

Depends on the manufacturer and if the saw is left or right handed. Normally a saw cuts UP rotating in the opposite direction a wheel would. Click the saw on, without a blade in to see which way the motor turns then put the blade in to cut in that direction.

What did John Deere envent?

Deere invented the steel plow. During the 1800's, when people started moving to the Midwestern region of the U.S., the cast iron plows that were being used to break the sticky black soil of the great plains would clog and were inefficient. Using a worn out sawmill blade, Deere foraged a plow that had a very smooth surface and that would not clog up with soil.

What model number is a M044FBX025478 john deere snow plow?

Dealerships commonly refer to the Model # as the size of the snow plow or blade. Looks like in your case you have a 44" model, so it would be a 44 Blade. That's what you will need if you are looking up parts. Many times these are listed with the lawn tractor that the blade goes with.

What do you do to reverse your skill saw from backwards to forwards?

Not sure I fully understand the question, but the blade should always cut clockwise, or on the downstroke. The motor is set to run in that direction and the blade is configured to cut in that direction. Any other direction would be dangerous for the user an just imagine where all the saw dust would be going

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Where can one find a John Deere Model A tractor?

The best place to find a John Deere Model A tractor would be on the official John Deere site. Their site would give one information on where a tractor can be purchased.

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What did john deere make?

An easier question to answer would be what DIDN'T John Deere improve. Everything from the steel plow to the tractor to the square baler has been touched in some way by John Deere's influence. Without John Deere, we would have a very bleak world in agriculture today.

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