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Q: After world war 1 what new countries were formed using territory that had belonged to Austria-Hungary?
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How old is Wyoming from the point of it being a territory?

The Wyoming Territory was formed by the Organic Act on July 25, 1868, however, the area was part of many other territories and belonged to several other countries. Based on that date, Wyoming would be 143 years old as of July 25, 2011. The first portion of the Wyoming Territory was part of the Louisiana Purchase in 1803, so, based on 1803, Wyoming would be 208 years old in 2011.

From which state was the Utah Territory formed?

Utah Territory wasn't formed from any state. The land was purchased from Mexico and simply called "Mexican Territory" previously.

Which territory was formed after the discovery of gold in Northwest Canada?

Yukon territory

How were the borders of Idaho formed?

Through the break up of the Oregon Territory, Washington Territory, Montana Territory and Wyoming Territory.

Which river formed the southern border of the northwest territory?

The Ohio River formed the southern border of the Northwest Territory.

How are countryies formed?

Countries are typically formed through a combination of historical, political, and geographical factors. This can include processes such as colonization, imperialism, wars, treaties, and the recognition of a territory's independence by other countries. The establishment of a government, defined borders, and a shared sense of identity among the population are also key elements in the formation of a country.

What was the last state to be formed from the Louisiana Territory?


When andaman and nicobar formed union territory?


Was Ohio Indiana Michigan Illinois and Wisconsin formed in the Northwest Territory?

Yes, they were a part of the Northwest Territory.

What new countries were formed after the peace treaties?

The Formed countries were: Estonia, Lativa, Lithuania, and Finland

The countries which formed the tripple entente?

Britain, France, and Russia were the countries that formed the Triple Entente

Who split the UK into 4 kingdoms?

No one. The UK was formed by a union of seperate countries. Of those, only parts of Ireland have split from it, or rather the whole territory was split, and part came back.