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Q: Can new nations be successfully created out of dissolved empires?
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What effects did world war have on empires that had been created by European nations?

Many nations granted freedom to their colonies.

What effect did world war ii have on empires that had been created by Europeans nations?

Many nations granted freedom to their colonies.

How did European nations build empires in South Asia?

European nations brought warships and armies to build empires in South Asia.

What effect did world war 2 have on empires that ruled created by European nations?

By 1939 when Hitler invaded Poland the age of empires was gone. They disappeared afternWW1 because the war had changed society.

Which empires or nations has had no control or influence on Libya?


Policy under which stronger nations attempt to create empires by dominating weaker nations?


What powerful nations create large empires by controlling the economy and politics of the weaker nations?


Why were the european nations rivalries?

The European nations rivalries because they wanted to expand their empires colonially. This included all countries.

What factors enabled European nations to build empires outside of Europe?

because europeans were very powerful and we knew the technique of building empires

How did the marshall plan succeed?

It successfully rebuilt France, England, Italy, and other European countries. This created a friendship between the U.S. and these nations, and the forming of NATO.

What were the expansion of empires motivated by the politics among European nations?


Were feelings of loyalty to powerful empires rather than small nations a factor in World War 1?

It was a cause of World War 1, exacerbated by the treaties that bound powerful nations to defend smaller allies, leading to the inclusion of most of Europe in the war, along with the Ottoman Empire (one of the losers, as it dissolved after the war with the independence of Turkey).