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commoner life was bad!

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Q: Describe the life of the commoners in the Elizabethan time?
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How would you say arent in Elizabethan times?

If you mean to describe a time that was not Elizabethan, you could refer to the time before or after the Elizabethan era, such as the Tudor period or the Stuart period.

What was it like in Elizabethan time?

What life was like during the Elizabethan era depended upon your social and financial status. If you had money and wealth, life was good. If you didn't, you had to work hard.

What was pre Elizabethan?

Pre-Elizabethan was the time Queen Elizabeth I lived. It was also called the Elizabethan time.

What Elizabethan attractions where there in Shakespeare's time?

For the first thirty-nine years of Shakespeare's life, all of the attractions he might find in England were "Elizabethan". Working as he did in the red light district of Southwark, I daresay he found some attractions during the Elizabethan Era.

What was the Elizabethan times named after?

Elizabethan times are called that because it was the time when Elizabeth I was Queen of England.

What was the cost of standing room at the Globe Theatre in elizabethan time?

It would cost a penny for the standing room at the Globe Theatre in Elizabethan time.

What difference were there between the upper class and the commoners in shakespeare's time?

In Shakespeare's time, the upper class had more wealth, education, social status, and political power compared to commoners. They were often landowners, nobility, or royalty, while commoners were usually peasants, artisans, or laborers. The upper class had access to better living conditions, entertainment, and opportunities for advancement, while commoners faced poverty, hard labor, and limited social mobility.

What was the difference between the Globe Theatre and the Elizabethan theater?

Nothing. The Globe theatre was one of the Elizabethan theatres. Think of "Elizabethan" as a time or type, not an actual theatre with that name.

Why did shakespaere name his play Elizabethan age?

Shakespeare wrote lots of plays not one of which was named "elizabethan age". The time he lived in was called the Elizabethan Age after Queen Elizabeth 1st.

What time did William shakespear live in?


What types of plays did they do in Elizabethan time?

gay ones

What is the name of the time 1558 1603?

Elizabethan period.