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Q: Did Europeans trade with each other all the time?
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How might Europeans of that time benefit from trade?

the europeans will get alot more things with the increased trade

How might Europeans from that time benefit from increased trade?

the europeans will get alot more things with the increased trade

How might europeans of that time benefit from increased trade?

the europeans will get alot more things with the increased trade

Why did the europeans come to Indonesia?

The Portugese were the first Europeans to reach the Indonesian Islands. The Europeans wanted to dominated the spice trade that was very lucrative at the time.

What goods did Europeans send to the East in trade a long time ago?


Can you transfer Pokemon from diamond onto explorers of time?

no, unfortunately only Pokemon explorers of time and darkness can trade with each other

Why did Europeans begin exploring other lands?

Faster trade routes and to expand there territories! The explorers did it for favor of the crown among other benefits.

What were the FBI and CIA failing to do at the time of The World Trade Center attacks?

They were failing to share information with each other and other agencies.

When is the best time to trade gold?

Gold price and USD currency are correlated with each other negatively. However, sometimes the other one moves ahead from the other, thus, the other one can be a leading indicator to trade the other one. Now is the best time to start in gold trading, since its flow is very predictable.

What Pokemon games can trade to each other like can sapphire trade with yellow?

You can trade red, blue, and yellow with each other, and with gold, silver, and crystal once you have the ability to use the time machine trader (trades older pokemon with older moves/items). You can trade these games to ruby/sapphire/emerald with no problem up to my knowledge. FireRed and LeafGreen can only trade to each other, and ruby/sapphire ONCE the Elite four are beaten and you retrieve the gems for Celio on the Sevii Islands. You can only trade one way from ruby/sapphire/emerald to Diamond/Pearl. Hope this helps!

Who introduced to the gun to the plains Indian?

Europeans had been exchanging guns with the Indians as a whole from the time that they landed in America from 1500 and on. Indians would also trade guns with other Indian tribes for resources or to encourage alliances.

What items did Europe trade and with whom did they trade with?

It depends on what time period you're referring to. In ancient times, Europeans traded with each other and Arabs. They offered mainly pottery, cattle, metals, weapons, etc. In Medieval Times, Europe was cut off from trading, as there was little to no contact with the world in Western Europe. In Eastern Europe, where the Byzantine Empire survived, the same trading was still going on. In colonial times, Europeans dominated the trading world. They offered the same items as before, but also new items they acquired from their colonies such as tea, new crops and animals from the New World, more precious metals and gems, etc. In modern times, Europeans mainly trade technology and machinery with anywhere from cars to computers. Chemicals and medicine are also a big export of Europe.