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no , , , chinese women does

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Q: Did Japanese woman bind their feet?
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Why did women bind their feet?

An indication that men understood that the symbolic erotic fantasy of bound feet did not correspond to its unpleasant physical reality, which was therefore to be kept hidden. For men, the primary erotic effect was a function of the lotus gait, the tiny steps and swaying walk of a woman whose feet had been bound. Women with such deformed feet avoided placing weight on the front of the foot and tended to walk predominantly on their heels. As a result, women who underwent foot-binding walked in a careful, cautious, and unsteady manner. The very fact that the bound foot was concealed from men's eyes was, in and of itself, sexually appealing. On the other hand, an uncovered foot would also give off a foul odor, as various saprobic microorganisms would colonize the unwashable folds.

Why did the Chinese bind there feet?

It began in the 900's because a dancer performed for the emperor with bound feet and everyone thought she was so graceful. Other dancers started to copy her. Then it started to spread through the upper class community. Peasants couldn't have bound feet because then they couldn't work efficiently. Well I don't know about that, but the way I heard that it started was through beauty: the Chinese community believed that the smaller a woman's feet were, the more beautiful she was. I believe thIs all started because of a semi-real life Cinderella story about a girl with a bad home life, that ends up marring a prince that loves her MOSTLY for her small feet that were not bound. When other people learned this, they also wanted their daughters to have small feet so that rich men would take interest In them. Thus foot binding began. What ever happened to liking a girl for her personality

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World War 2 effected woman in many ways varying on location such as: -Women got to work outside the house for the first time. Many women worked in factories to help out in the war effort. -African American woman helped out in the war effort too, but African Americans were segregated from the Whites. -Japanese American woman were locked away in internment camps.

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Japanese yen was created in 1871.

How many Japanese people in the world?

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