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i think so

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Q: Did Mark Dean overcome any obstacles in his career?
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What is mark dean obstacles?

He was constapted

Will mark ever find his parents in the book Transall saga?

Yes, Mark does eventually find his parents in the book Transall Saga. However, the journey to reunite with them is filled with challenges and obstacles that Mark must overcome.

What were mark dean parents names?

Mark Dean's parents were James Dean and Eula Dean.

What did Mark Dean major in?

Mark Dean majored in electrical engineering.

How many kids did mark dean parents have?

1 Mark Dean

What was Mark Dean's most important accomplishments?

There are many accomplishments by people named Mark Dean, but your question does not specify which Mark Dean interests you.

What has the author Mark Dean written?

Mark Dean has written: 'Returning to America'

When was Mark Dean Veca born?

Mark Dean Veca was born in 1963.

Does Mark Dean have kids?

yes mark dean has kids he has 2 kids

What was mark dean's struggles?

Mark Dean faced struggles with racism and discrimination in the technology industry as one of the few African American engineers. He also faced challenges in gaining recognition for his contributions to the development of personal computers at IBM. Additionally, Dean encountered obstacles in breaking through the glass ceiling to reach top leadership positions in the tech world.

Did mark dean have any kids?

Mark Dean is a well known computer scientist from Tennessee. In his bios, there is no mention of any siblings.

Who is richer Michael dell or Mark Dean?

Many people think it is Mark Dell but in fact it is Mark Dean.