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The people that were left wanted to punish Germany

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Q: Did the leaders want to punish Germany after World War 1?
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Why would France and Britain want to punish Germany?

The wish was not to punish but to get reparation and require Germany to pay for damage and loss of life.

Who wanted to punish Germany for ww1?

France wanted to punish Germany the hardest. Britain didnt want to punish them bad they wanted germany to have a quick recover because they're a trading countrie. Hope that helps, One love Representing Triple Bezz 3B'z J.K sWeeTfEeT

What result did the allied leaders at the Casablanca want?

The unconditional surrender of Germany

What result did the Allied leaders at the Casablanca Conference want ?

The unconditional surrender of Germany

How did the us help the allies in World War I?

In World War I, USA helped Britain in the war however they joined in the war 1917 and didn't involve a lot that was part of the reason why they didn't want to punish Germany after World War I. They helped by supplying troops and armies.

What is a sentence for the word punish?

We will punish those responsible.Why must you punish me?

Why did the leaders not get what they wanted from the Treaty of Versailles?

Beacuse they all had different national self interests. Clemenceau (France) wanted to weaken Germany to make sure that they could not attack France again as they had in 1871 and 1914, hence why he demanded heavy reparations and wanted the Rhineland to become an independent state Woodrow Wilson (America) took a more internationalist view with his main demand being the League of Nations and he did not want to punish Germany to severley. Lloyd George (UK) took the middle ground between France and America as they wanted to punish Germany but they did not want to cripple it as Germany was a large trade partner before the war and it was hoped that the trade links could be restored after the war. Edd Basquette hope this helped!!

What is Germany all about?

This question is too vague. You don't mention if you want to know about Germany in World War 2 Era or currently. In World War 2 it was a fascist, socialist, dictatorship ruled by the Nazi Third Reich regime. They were brutal, cruel and murderous leaders of Germany. They were responsible for the deaths of 6 million Jews and 5 million other people in a genocide. They were defeated by the Allied Forces of World War 2. Today Germany is a democratic republic and part of the European Union. If you want to know more about Germany in today's current world resubmit a question that is very specific about what you need to know.

Why did the US reject the Treaty of Versailles and what did this mean for creation and smooth?

The United States rejected the Treaty of Versailles because they did not want to punish Germany that harshly. The U.S. felt that the treaty was punishing Germany the wrong way and felt that Germany would respond back. The treaty was made in a way that Germany would have no choice but to fight the treaty and that is a major reason for World War 2. By the U.S. not signing the treaty, they were not immediately involved in World War 2.

Did congess want president Johnson to end reconstruction?

yes because they wanted to punish the southmany complained that the souths newly elected leaders were theh same people that led the confederacy.

Why did the Russians fight the Germans in world war 2?

The Germans invaded Russia, and were headed for Moscow, Russia and a few other places. The people and leaders of Russia did not want to be ruled by Germany, so they fought back.

How did each of the leaders want to deal with Germany after World War 1?

The German army was restricted to having only certain amounts of each branch of the military, this was because allied leaders didn't want another war on their hands, or at least one they couldn't stop (until WW2) when by then the rule was lifted. Sorry its not too informative but its all I got!