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Q: Did the magyars use ships in their invasions?
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Did the Magyars used ships in their invasions Of Europe?

no the vikings did because it was written in the book

How did invasions by the angles Saxons magyars and Vikings influence the development of Europe?

i dont know

What were major differences between the Viking and Magyar invasions of Europe?

The Vikings rode in on ships and fought on foot, the Magyars rode in on horses and were masters of horseback archery. They both were good at using hit and run tactics.

What regions were most affected by the invasions of europe?

Some of the regions in Europe that were most affected by invasions include the Balkans, Italy, France, and the Iberian Peninsula. These regions experienced invasions by various groups such as the Vikings, Magyars, Moors, and Germanic tribes, leading to significant disruptions and changes in the political and social landscape.

What country do the Magyars belong?

The magyars belonged to Hungary! So Simple!!!

About 95 percent of Hungarian people are descended from which group?

The Magyars

From what part of Europe did the Magyars come?

Magyars originate from the Ural Mountains.

Whose demands were met by the Austrian emperor?

Magyars and Czechs.s.e.g.

Are Hungarians descendents of magyars?

yes it is also the nation with the most citizens descended from the Magyars

Are Hungarians descendants of the Magyars?

yes it is also the nation with the most citizens descended from the Magyars

What were the weaknesses of the Carolingian empire and what were the foreign and domestic factors that led to its decline?

internal struggles: * civil wars * unstable politics * Charlemagne's death * Charlemagne's grandsons' fighting over land external struggles: * Magyars and Vikings invasions

How would you make a sentence using the word Magyars?

The Magyars are wanting to visit us next weekend.