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mark Antony or octavian

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Q: He took control of the western roman empire after the death of his great uncle he then fought to become the sole ruler of the entire empire when he learned that Egypt was to gain part of the eastern?
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Why did Charlemagnes empire dissolve after his death?

It did not really dissolve. It was - in complete accordance with the Frankish custom of the time - divided between his three sons. The western part was more or less what was to become France; the eastern part covered most of what was to become the Holy Roman Empire. Only the third part (in the middle) more or less 'dissolved' over time into a number of Principalities that linked themselves to either France or to the Holy Roman Empire.

Where were the trenches for most of the war in ww1?

france. Flanders (and Belgium as a whole) saw some of the greatest loss of life, in particular from the three battles of Ypres. Due to the hundreds of thousands of casualties at Ypres, the poppies that sprang up from the battlefield afterwards, have become a symbol for lives lost in war.

Significance of the battle of milvian bridge?

The significance of the Battle of Milvian Bridge was in the victory. Constantine's win provided him total control of the Western Roman Empire. This allowed Christianity to become the dominant religion for the Roman Empire.

How did charlemagne become the first holy roman emperor?

He created a central government for Western Europe.

Why did China become communists?

People's Republic of China became a communist nation because of its previous weak democratic government. Chinese government wanted to control the country by itself without having others to interfere. The communist government wanted China to become a strong nation and not to become under control by other countries (Ex: Great Britain and japan used to control China). The communists were came from Soviet Union, they might believed that Soviet Union became a strong nation b/c of its communism policy.

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Which societies did not become established civilizations until after they learned to control flooding rivers?

Egyptian and Chinese

What societies did not become established civilizations until after they learned to control flooding rivers?

Egyptian and Chinese

What were the results of the Punic war?

Rome established dominance in the Western Mediterranean, and began to become engaged in the Eastern Mediterranean.

What formed most of the western boundary of Rome in the AD 350?

The most Eastern Boundary of Rome was Constantinople which would later become the Capital of the eastern roman empire and then the Byzantiniam empire

The western roman empire collasped in the 400's but the eastern empire continued for another 1000 years what did it become known as?


Who are the people that were in the gold rush?

They were primarily people of the eastern US going to the western frontier to become rich in gold rush claims.

Which of the following explains why Western European leaders claimed that certain European countries were behind an iron curtain following World War 2?

Answer this question…The Soviet Union had become extremely influential in Eastern Europe.

What future country did the holy roman empire become?

This empire covered: Germany, Holland, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, Czech Republic, western Slovenia, Italy, parts of eastern France, parts of western Poland .

Is the US mainly in the eastern or western hemisphere?

Completely in the western hemisphere. it has become a matter of convention to refer to the Eastern Hemisphere and the Western Hemisphere. The division is specified by an imaginary line drawn between the North pole and the South pole that passes through Greenwich, England. Everything to the east of that line is the Eastern hemisphere and everything to the west is the Western Hemisphere, and the two hemispheres meet again at a line on exactly the opposite side of the Earth. The US lies west of the line passing through Greenwich.

Why did the emperor diocletian divided the roman empire into an eastern and western empire?

The Empire had become too large to control in a pre-mechanical transport and pre-electronic communications age. He split it into four parts, the two larger - east and west - ruled by their own emperor, the two lesser ones by a caesar. This gave each ruler a manageable area to control.

What did the eastern part of the empire become in the 5th century?

The eastern part of the Roman Empire became what remained the Roman Empire after the fall of the western part of this empire in the 5th century. Historians use the term Byzantine empire to indicate the eastern part after the fall of the western part. However, the people in question did not know this term, called their empire Roman Empire and considered it to be the Roman Empire.

How do the differences between western and eastern nations divide the EU-?

Eastern Europeans particularly in the Balkans have a more relaxed attitude to working times and a different sense of priority for getting things done. Westerners buying properties abroad become irate with laid back builders and employers in Western Europe often confuse this relaxed attitude with laziness.