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history of TVET in Ghana

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Q: History of Vocational and Technical Education in Africa?
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Education history in Somalia Africa?

Batala djibouti

What is the main obstacle to education in central and west Africa?

Black History

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Does Zimbabwe have the best education in Africa?

No Zimbabwe does not have the best education in Africa

What are the best technical schools in Africa?

Accra Technical Training Center, Ghana

Which curriculum was used during bantu education?

The Bantu Education Act of 1953 in South Africa mandated a curriculum that aimed to provide limited education to black students and prepare them for menial labor rather than for higher education or professional careers. The curriculum focused primarily on vocational training and basic literacy skills, perpetuating the segregation and inequality in the educational system under apartheid.

Where online is there education videos on Africa?

National Geographic's website has several education videos about Africa. Other organizations, such as EdTube and Our Africa also have education video content on their websites.