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The show diverse cultures because they are all different

They show it by how they act.

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Q: How and why do Americans represent diverse cultures?
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How and why Americans represent diverse culture?

The show diverse cultures because they are all different They show it by how they act.

Why were native Americans cultural groups diverse?

Each group adapted to it's own environment

How do diverse cultures view the American Dream?

diverse cultures view the American Dream as an great opportunity for them to get better in life.

What is a symbol for courage?

At diverse times and diverse cultures there have been various symbols for courage:SwanBoarHandArrowBeetleMedal of HonorCall of Duty Modern Warfare 3

Are Hispanic Americans diverse?

They are a diverse group.

Why is the West Indies called a gumbo of cultures?

Because of the diverse mixture of cultures.

What is the cultures in Oklahoma?

Oklahoma is located in the Southern United States so there is a strong sense of Southern hospitality. Historically it was a reservation for displaced tribes from the Old South so there is a strong sense of Native American culture as well. The larger cities of Oklahoma City and Tulsa have a more diverse demographic with cultural influences of African Americans, Hispanic Americans, Asian Americans, and more.

Where did black history occur?

Where ever there were blacks! The history of the many cultures is diverse and covers a large area of the world including the Americans and Africa, parts of Asia and Europe.

What is a sentence with the word diverse?

Our community is very diverse.There are many diverse cultures in the world.

Is Britain a culturally diverse society?

Yes we are - Great Brittain is resident to a diverse number of cultures.

What do people celebrate in the us between September 15 and October 15?

Hispanic Heritage Month celebrates the diverse backrounds and cultures of Americans who have traced their heritage to multiple different countries.

How do you develop a curriculum in a diverse classroom?

To develop a curriculum for a diverse classroom, consider incorporating materials and resources that represent different cultures, backgrounds, and learning styles. Take into account the diverse needs and interests of the students when designing lesson plans and activities. Encourage student engagement and provide opportunities for students to share their perspectives and experiences in the curriculum.