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You can receive a free CARFAX history report by applying for one on the official CARFAX website. You can also ask for one when looking to purchase a used car at a major dealership.

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Q: How can one get a free Carfax history report?
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On what websites can one check the history of a used car?

You can check the history of a used car on the site CARFAX. Other sites include, AutoTrader, CarsDirect, and AutoCheck. Many dealerships will offer you a CARFAX report for free when you request it.

Where could one get a free CarFax report?

Firstly, find the vehicle for which a Carfax report is required. When trying to obtain the report for free, it is best to purchase the vehicle through a dealer rather than privately, as some car dealers have accounts with Carfax and will provide a free report on a vehicle if they think they will get a sale out of it. Secondly, contact the dealer to find out in advance if they will provide the report for free. Thirdly, arrange a time suitable to view the car and obtain the report.

When can one apply for a Carfax vehicle report?

You can apply for a carfax vehicle report before making a purchase of a used vehicle. Any car dealership must have or produce a carfax report if and when asked by a consumer.

How can one get a Carfax report on a 1979 Pontiac Trans Am?

You can't. Carfax doesn't go back that far. Carfax is a joke anyway. Very few shops actually report to carfax and any work done by the owner isn't reported either.

Where can I get a background check on a car I purchased?

One company that offers vehicle history reports includes CarFax. You can just go online and purchase or view a history report or get one from your car dealer.



Where can one check VIN numbers for free?

Forget about free VIN Checks! If you need a complete vehicle report, you need to pay for it! Carfax is expensive so getting reports from alternatives is highly recommended. Instead of paying $35 from Carfax, you can get a cheap report from using this code for only $4.99.

How to find out who originally owned your classic car?

Get a Vehicle History Report. There are several sites that do them carfax is just one of the more well known ones right now. A history report will tell you everything from any wrecks it was in to each person that owned it.

How long does it take to get a carfax report?

Less than one minute online.

Where can I get an auto history report?

There are two main companies that provide auto history reports: CarFax ( and AutoCheck ( Both of these companies provide a comprehensive list of previous car ownership, damage and accidents, and both are used and recommended by automotive dealers. If you are interested in purchasing a specific car, a dealer will generally provide you with one of these reports for free prior to purchase. If you already own a car for which you would like to have a history report, then either the CarFax or AutoCheck sites can provide this for you. While they occasionally run offers for free reports, in general, you can expect to pay around $30 for a single report. If you have several cars for which you want history, both of these sites also offer a price reduction for multiple reports.

Can you get a free car history?

You will not find free car history, but you can buy more cheap car history report. Try

Where can you get a free car history for your car?

There are a couple of places you can get a free car history for your car. One place is the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) which has a Web-based service called VINCheck. VINCheck provides info about whether a vehicle has been reported as stolen, but not recovered, or has been reported as a total loss vehicle by cooperating NICB members. Another place is a private company called Carfax. Carfax provides free reports on used cars offered by Carfax-subscribing dealers or sellers.