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Q: How can you stop wars in the world?
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What role IAEA plays in global peace?

To stop world wars

What was formed after World War 2 to stop further wars?

Er the un i think

What is the International Day of Peace?

the new inter national peace day is when all wars in the world stop.

What is the new international day of peace?

the new inter national peace day is when all wars in the world stop.

Why are these wars known as world wars?

These wars are known as World Wars because many countries of the world fought in the war

What was the purpose of balanced power?

to prevent future wars and stop political changes

Is it a very safe world to bring up children in high tech weapons and wars?

Yes, because there are also high-tech defenses, and very intelligent leaders trying to stop wars.

What are the 2 dangerous wars?

I'd say the two world wars, World wars I and II

How many world wars happenned?

Only two wars to date are known as world wars.

If all weapons of war are destroyed would it usher in world peace and stop all wars?

Of course not! It would cause war in short time. Deterrence is has prevented more wars than we know.

Did Caesar Augustus stop civil wars?


What is being done to stop wars?