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He formed his fleet into two columns, which approached the enemy line at right angles, broke through in both places and were able each to outnumber a portion of the opposition without the interference of the rest. That done, they turned on the remainder and destroyed them too.

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HMS Victory was the flagship...and flagships give commands.

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Q: How did Admiral Nelson win the Battle if Trafalgar?
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Did nelson win battle of Waterloo?

No. Admiral Horatio Nelson was a Navy Admiral who won the Battle of Traflaga.The British commander at Waterloo was Arthur Wellsley, the Duke of Wellignton.

Why did Admiral Nelson win the Battle of Trafalgar?

Nelson broke with accepted tradition by steering a perpendicular course into the enemy instead of sailing parallel. He adopted this tactic to offset the fact that he was outgunned. Also, Nelson's fleet used signal flags to communicate, and his officers and men had more experience and discipline under fire than the French and Spanish fleets.

How did napoleon win the battle of trafalgar?

Nelson was outnumbered by the French and Spanish, but he knew that his force was superior in every other area. Instead of sailing alongside them and firing as was conventional, he sailed his ships on a perpendicular course directly into the enemy fleet and split them, throwing them into confusion.Good command and control and good gunnery (manned by good crewmen).

Where did the British win against the French and Spanish in 1805?

The (Sea) Battle of Trafalgar

Who was the French navy admiral who helped win the battle of Yorktown?

Admiral De Grasse

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When did the English win a historic battle again Spanish?

It was during the Tudor reign and the monarch who brought England victory was Queen Elizabeth I. Queen Elizabeth never had any children so that's where the Tudor reign ended+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++The Battle of Trafalgar : 21 October 1805

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