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Q: How did European colonization affect African?
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Two African countries that managed to stay independent from European colonization were?

Liberia and Ethiopia

How might colonization affect a region?

It increased ethnic tensions in Africa. It created diversity in African nations It created many unstable governments.

What were effects of the European colonization of Africa?

The European colonization of Africa had wide-ranging effects on the continent. It led to the exploitation of African resources, the imposition of European rule and systems of governance, the displacement and marginalization of African cultures and societies, and the establishment of racial hierarchies. It also contributed to economic underdevelopment and political instability in many African countries.

Which was NOT a reason rinderpest limited African resistance to European colonization?

It increased the number of people sold into slavery. EdOptions c;

What advantages did European societies have over African in the S's?

European societies had advantages in terms of technology, organization, and centralized government structures during the time of European colonization in Africa. This enabled them to exploit African resources, establish control and dominance, and impose their cultural and political systems on African societies.

What was the result of growing nationalism and Pan-Africanism on European-African relations?

The result of growing nationalism and Pan-Africanism was increased resistance by African nations against European colonization and exploitation. This led to a push for decolonization and independence across the African continent, ultimately shifting power dynamics in European-African relations.

How did disease affect the European colonization?

it spreaded throughout the colony and killed many civilians.

How did the Monroe doctrine impact Europe's colonization in the western hemisphere?

Further European colonization of the Americas was prohibited.

Which region of Oceania was greatly affected by European colonization?

Polynesia was greatly affected by European colonization.

What impact did colonization have on Brazil?


Is Nigeria truly independence?

Yes. It became a country in 1957 when it became the first african nation to declare independance from European colonization.

Why were African countries colonised?

Colonization of Africa was richly profitable for European colonial powers, at least at first. Eventually, colonization proves to carry a high cost, in terms of having to deal with independence movements and revolutions.