How did Louis XIV rule time end?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Louis XIV rule time ended of old age.

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Q: How did Louis XIV rule time end?
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When did the Edict of Nantes end?

In October of 1685 by King Louis XIV.

Did Louis XIV of France have accomplishments?

He died at 76 which was a very long time. He was the longest serving European Monarch. He built the Palace of Versailles, a French Treasure.

What king was credited with making pool a popular sport at the end of the 17th century?

King Louis XIV

Who put an end to Louis the xiv reign?

maximilliem robespierre put an end to his rein by imprisoning and eventually sentencing him to death by guillotine

What are three reasons why count rideau says France cannot afford Another Louis xiv?

1. Louis XIV became involved in many wars towards the end of his reign, and in doing so, he bankrupted France and destroyed his popularity.

What were the technological advances during the reign of Louis XIV?

he was stupid and no one liked him. he made no technological or cultural advances. Basically, he took over france. The end.

In biblical theology what is end?

ANSWER: The End is when the rule of man, the rule of humans, comes to an end. That time will be a time of tribulation that is unprecedented in history (Matthew 24:21), a time when man would be capable of wiping humanity of the face of the planet were it not for the intervention (Matthew 24:22).

What is the meaning of coldplay's when i ruled the world?

The entire song, Viva la Vida, is about the french revolution. so when it says i used to rule the world or when i ruled the world it could be talking about Louis xiv, i believe that was the one, because when he ruled France was one of the leaders in Europe, if not the leader, economically, militarily, etc. so it is basically, he ruled France, which dominated Europe, basically the world. so at the beginning of the song he ruled then after that he goes from wealth to nothiing, but he was actually decapitated, which was refurred when it says head on a silver plate. then in the middle of the song, mainly the chorus it talks about the revolution. and at the end he was like but that was then when i ruled. so bascially its french history told through Louis xiv's eyes.

When did End of Roman rule in Britain end?

End of Roman rule in Britain ended in 410.

Is Final Fantasy XIV coming out for ps3?

Yes it is but not until th end of 2012

When did Tokugawa rule end?

Tokugawa rule ended in 1495 BC.

When did St. Louis Stampede end?

St. Louis Stampede ended in 1996.