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He deceived them by putting on a front of respect and honor towards their beloved, idolized Lenin. When Lenin died, Stalin made it seem as though he was appointed successor, when in reality Lenin had tried and expose Stalin in his Testaments.

Originally, he had been elected as Chief Secretary (something which Lenin regretted later on.) And used his powers to steadily grow and gain followers. Acted as a humble, friendly man. But the Russians would soon learn this cover was completely false. He also embraced his "Russianism" which was what the Russians wanted in their leader - a native, someone like them. This all helped him become Dictator of the Soviet Union in December 1929.

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Q: How did Stalin portray himself to the Russian people after World War 1?
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Important people in the Russian revolution?

Joesph stalin

What group did Joseph Stalin control?

The Kremlin, and hence the Russian People.

Who is famous for the Russian revolution Russian revolution?

Three people: Vladimir Lenin, Leon Trotsky, and Josef Stalin

When did Joseph Stalin change his last name to Stalin?

Stalin means man of steel in russia so he called himself it to improve his image.

What costs did Stalin's economic policy imposed on the Russian people?

it impose a better economy

Russian ruler during the 1930s?

Joseph Stalin was the Russian ruler from the mid-1920's until he died in 1953. Under Stalin, the state controlled all aspects of Russian's life. Threats of labor camps deterred the people from breaking the rules. Stalin's aim was to create the perfect communist society.

How many people did Joseph Stalin kill himself?

around 20,000,000

Which Russian leader initiated the great purges in which millions of people were executed or exiled?

Josef Stalin

What was happening in Russia when the US entered war?

There was the Russian Civil War. Russian people were revolting against Stalin and the USSR military went in to stop them.

Who had the greater impact on Russia and the Russian people Lenin or Stalin?

They both had great impacts on Russia. Lenin played a part that wanted to have everyone equal when Stalin tricked people to get in control. Stalin got to power and dictated, Lenin was a revolutionary who believed in communism. Stalin wanted socialism.

What are the differences between Stalin and Russian Czar?

different people, childhoods, housez, taste of food, and friends

How did the soviet command economy and the Russian market economy affect the Russian people?

Stalin increased jobs. He industrialzed the USSR and played a very major role in putting their military and armed forces to its height. The Russian people suffered greatly, massacres and from Stalin's ruthless war policies. However, polls showed somehow the Soviet Union still viewed Stalin as positive more than negative.