How did Victorians children feel?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Sad and lonely :(

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Q: How did Victorians children feel?
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How did the Victorians treat children?

The Victorians treated the children by making them work hard, giving little food to them and,sometimes beating them.

How did Victorians feel about the railways?

ask youre self dum

Where did the poor children live in the Victorians time?

workhouses or the streets

How many children did normal Victorians families have?


How did Victorians Feel When Gold Rush Happened?

They felt awesome and the centre of attention.

How did the Victorians feel when the gold rush happened?

They felt a little bit sad :(

What was the behavior of Victorians?

There were thousands of moods but children were mostly tempered (People in workhouses)

How Has life changed for children since the Victorians time?

they invented disposable diapers :)

Why did the Victorians hit the children with a cane?

because the children couldnt either: write neatly or they messed about or they was naughty or late to school

What were the rich Victorian children's marbles made from?

They were made of glass and poorer Victorians had clay marbles.

Who is lord shaftesbury in the Victorians?

Lord Shaftesbury is a famous Victorian who helped save children in child labour.

Who went on the Victorians trains?