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Q: How did World War 1 impact European nations?
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How many European nations were fighting in World War I?


Did The Potsdam meetings determine the future of occupied European nations following World War 2?

Yes, the Postdam Meetings determined the future of occupied European nations following World War 2.

How and why did the United states aid European nations after world war 2?


What was practiced by European nations before World War 1?

Liberalism, imperialism.

What effects did world war have on empires that had been created by European nations?

Many nations granted freedom to their colonies.

How were European nations able to rebuild economies devastated by world war 1?

One of the ways that the European Nations were able to rebuild economies devastated by World War I was by using the funds required to be paid by the Germans in the Treaty of Versailles.

True or false after world war 1 the United States was in debt to European nations?

False. The United States became the primary creditor for European nations.

How did the culture of America change during World War I?

World War One had an impact on the USA's culture. One such impact was to stir within its population a sense of nationalism. Another aspect of US participation in the war, was to expose Americans to the nature and culture of European nations. Without being involved in that war, less interest in Europe would have prevailed.

How did the U.S. try to help European nations devastated by World War 1?

The US tried to help European nations that were devastated by World War 1 in various ways. There was so much money spent by the US government to help in rebuilding this nations and stabilizing their economies.

How was the US economically tied to the western European nations after World War 1?


Did European nations lost most of their colonies after World War 2?

ya its true

What two European nations were invaded by Germany before World War 2?

Austria and Czechoslovakia.