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The beginning of WWII in Europe put the U.S. , into war time economics. This created numerous factory jobs, allowing for people to once again buy luxuries, and so on and so forth

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Q: How did World War 2 end Great Depression?
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World War 2 put an end to the Great Depression?


Why did world war 2 end the great depression?

Created jobs for everyone.

What did the great depression end after?

it ended when the U.S. joined world war two

What finally brought tje Great Depression to an end?

Another world war

What brought the great depression to an end in the U.S.?

World War II (by Solomon Zelman)

Which event is most closely associated with the end of the Great Depression?

World War II.

Why is World War 2 described as the good war?

World War 2 is described as the good war because it helped end the Great Depression

World war 11 brought an end to?

I presume you mean WW2 not 11, but i brought an end to the great depression

What war helped to end the great depression?


The Great Depression ended with the beginning of what?

The Great Depression ended in the late 30s. The Depression ended around when World War II began. Many believe WW2 helped end the Depression, since war materials and troops provided paying jobs to millions.

How did the end of World War 2 effect the U.S Economy?

World War II got the U.S. out of the Great Depression and never got any worse from there.

What world event brought an end to the great depression?

The major world-event that brought an end to the Great Depression was World War II. Creating a great demand for arms, vehicles, and supplies of all kinds, the war infused economies around the world with renewed activity and even profit, thereby giving life to what had been a general stagnation in many of the world's modern nations.