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Your question is backwards. Advancements in ships affected exploration. When ships were improved, they could sail farther, longer and faster. Better ships like that made travelling the world easier, so explorers could go off and find new places that Europeans had never seen.

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What culture did the Europeans get their new sailing technology from?. Single line text.

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Q: How did the Age of Exploration affect European advancements in ship technology?
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How did the treaty affect European exploration of the Americas?

There was no treaty at all

Why does European exploration affect Canada today?

Allen Roger Sharp's exploration affects Canada today.

How do technology and biology affect each other?

Technology and biology have a great relationship with each other. Advancements in technology tell you what in biology can be manipulated or studied for example.

How did European exploration affect early civilizations in Latin America?

Extermination and enslavement.

How did competition among european countries affect overseas exploration and conquest?


How did new resources affect European exploration?

New resources affected European exploration because new technology got in the way of their travel...bigger boats could have passed by and collided. Security on the islands or country's is different and could cause the Europeans to cancel the travel...or they could get arrested for destroying the country. I like bananas :P

How did the European exploration affect the Americas and Africa?

European exploration in the Americas resulted in a decline of populations due to diseases brought to the New World to which the natives had no immunity. For Africans, this exploration saw the beginning of the Atlantic slave trade where millions were captured and resettled in the Americas.

Why did European exploration of the new world affect relations among exploring countries?

They were formed trading alliances

How did the defeat of the Aztecs affect European exploration of Texas?

The effect of the eurpeon is beause they explore Texas to teach them spanish

How did the new military technology affect the way European leaders thought about the war?

Many European leaders thought that these modern advances in military technology would result in a short war.

How did the Iron age affect technology?

The Iron Age had a significant impact on technology as it marked the transition from using bronze to iron as the primary material for tools and weapons. Iron tools and weapons were stronger and more durable than their bronze counterparts, leading to advancements in agriculture, construction, and warfare. It also paved the way for other technological advancements, such as the development of iron smelting techniques and the rise of ironworking professions.

How did European exploration in the Americas affect both the Aztec and Spanish empires?

It pretty well destroyed the Aztec Empire, and enriched the Spanish.