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they gained the power through organise or build the national assembley.

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Q: How did the new middle class gain power?
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The new class of people created by the growth of the new towns was the?

Middle Class

The new class of people created by the growth of new towns was the .?

Middle class A+

Is personal income 75000 middle class or upper middle class?

Depends on where you are. This would be considered middle class in cities like New York and San Fransisco. But in most other locations, it would be considered upper middle class.

Where did the middle class begin to move in the 1950's?

the middle class moved from the cities to new suburban developments.

The Industrial Revolution led to the rise of a new class the middle class Which of the following is an example of a profession held by someone from the middle class?


What new middle class of artisans and scribes emerged during what?

The Middle Kingdom

How did new middle class transformation the social structure of great Britain during industrialization?

New money came in thanks to Merchants, shippers, and factory owners which were middle class

Which new social class was created by the revival of town life?

A middle class of business people.

One example of the new urban middle-class entertainment was?

There are a few things that middle class Urban can do for entertainment. You can go out to eat at a nice place.

When was oswego middle school built?

The "new" middle school was opened for the first class in fall of 1980

A new middle class of artisans and scribes emerged during the what?

The Middle Kingdom

Who did not benefited from the New Deal?

The Middle class was increasingly angered by the focus on lower class social improvement. The New Deal Worked from the bottom-up. Not until the 2nd new deal did the middle class feel the effects of social security and union-corporation agreement movements proposed by the new deal.