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Because of imperelism

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Q: How did the ultimatum cause World War I?
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What role did the assassination and the ultimatum play in the outbreak of the war?

It was the main cause

What was the ultimatum of World War I?

The treaty of Versailles was the ultimatitum as it forced the Germans into a complete surrender and crippled their economy and military fighting forceThe ultimatum of WWI was the combination of all the request of the Austrians when in dispute with Serbia during the war when invasion was about to begin. It is called the ultimatum because it was the final decision of the Serbs, Become part of Austria or Perish

Archduke Francis Ferdinand’s assassination triggered World War I when _____.?

when Serbia refused to comply with Austria- Hungary's ultimatum

Did World War I cause the gulf war?

no the world war 1 did not cause the gulf war.

What was the hapsburg ultimatum?

The Hasburg Ultimatum was a document sent to Serbia from Austro-Hungary giving them terms to accept to prevent war, after a Serbian Terrorist Organization shot and killed the air to the throne to Austro-Hungary. Upon Serbia's refusal to sign the Hasburg Ultimatum, Austro-Hungary declaired war on Serbia, and invaded it. This was the spark to World War I, as immediatly after, Austro Hungary's ally Germany invaded Russia, Serbias ally.

What is a final demand before a war called?


What is the final demand which will result in war if not met?

The final demand is called an "Ultimatum" which is Latin for "the last one", that is a demand. If the ultimatum is refused or ignored a state of war is declared and war commences. This is the correct and legal procedure to declare war.

Who lead the british in world war one?

The prime minister that lead the British into world war one was Herbert Asquith. Prime Minister Asquith gave Germany her ultimatum in 1914 to get out of Belgium.

What final demand will end negotiations and lead to war?


Final demand that if not met will end negotiations and lead to war?


What is a final demand if not met will end neogoiations and lead to war?


Why does Germany issue an ultimatum to belgium?

The ultimatum demanded free passage of the German army through Belgium to get to France or else Germany would start a war with them.