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'we are the world' is translated 'nous sommes le monde' in French.

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Q: How do you say we are the world in french?
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How do you say the world in french?

the world is 'le monde' in French.

How do you say a world in French?

"a world" is "un monde" (masc.) in French.

How do you say 'world' in French?

world is 'le monde' (masc.) in French.

How do you say world cup in french?


How do you say world in french language?


How do you say Disney World in french?

if you are referring to the Disney world in Paris, France, the French call it 'Parc Disneyland'

How do you say green world in French?

Monde vert

How do you say hello world in french?

bonjour monde

How do you say my world in french?

mon monde (NB in French this can mean my people or the people around me)

How do you say I love this world in French?

J'aime ce monde.

How do you say you are my world in french?

tu es mon univers

How do you say Pacific Ocean in French?

océan Pacifique is the translation of the word. It is the world's largest ocean.