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5 Indian women have won bharat ratna award so far.

1. Indira Gandhi

2. Mother Teresa

3. Aruna asaf ali

4. Lata mangeshkar

5. M. subba laxmi

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Q: How many Indian women have won bharat ratna award?
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How many women got Bharat Ratna award?



The Bharat Ratna is India's highest civilian award and is not specifically designated for women. Recipients of the Bharat Ratna come from various fields including politics, arts, literature, science, and social work.

Which women got bharat ratna award in India?

1.Aruna Asaf Ali -1997 2.MS Subbulakshmi-1998 3.Lata Mangeshkar -2001 4.Indira Gandhi -1971 5.Mother Teresa -1980

Who was the first women writer to receieve the Jnanpith Award for Indian literature?

The first Indian woman writer to receive the Jnanpith Award was Ashapurna Devi.

Which Indian women was the awarder of roman Magsaysay award?

kiran bedi

Who was first women obtain bharata ratna?

Indra gandhi

Who is the 1st woman cricketer to win arjuna award?

in 1983 the Arjuna award went to Ms. D. Edulji. She became the first Indian women cricketer to win the Arjuna Award.after that mithali raj has also won the arjuna award.

When was Women's World Award created?

Women's World Award was created in 2004.

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When did International Women of Courage Award happen?

International Women of Courage Award happened in 2007.

When was International Women of Courage Award created?

International Women of Courage Award was created in 2007.

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