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According to the 2010 Annual Report of Jehovah's Witnesses there were 107,210 congregations worldwide. The number of Kingdom Halls in which they meet is not recorded (that I can find) but would be lower than this figure as many congregations share Kingdom Halls and others may rent buildings to meet in.

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Q: How many Kingdom Halls do Jehovah's Witnesses have world wide?
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What is the most known religion in the world?

Jehovahs Witnesses

How many jehovahs witnesses are there in the world in 2012?

About seven and a half million.

Where is the kingdom hall of Jehovah's witnesses in Cambodia?

I'm unable to provide specific location information for individual Kingdom Halls due to privacy and security reasons. You can contact the local Jehovah's Witnesses branch or visit their official website for information on Kingdom Halls in Cambodia.

When is the special talk for Jehovah's Witnesses in 2013?

The memorial is March 26, 2013 right at sun down, the special talk will be at any and all kingdom halls on April 7, 2013. Every where around the world. We celebrate the death oh Jehovahs only begotten son, Jesus Christ as he comanded the night before he gave his life to save all mankind.

How many kingdom halls?

Approximately 700. For the exact figure contact the Service department of the Britain Branch of Jehovah's Witnesses (see link below)

Where is Kingdom Halls of Jehovah's witnesses in Gambia?

You can find the location of Jehovah's Witnesses Kingdom Halls almost anywhere in the world on their official website. For Gambia, here are the locations: Serrekunda Market Tally bu bes before Banjul van garage Serrekunda THE GAMBIA Serrekunda East Congregation & Serrekunda Central Congregation Ebo Town Road Super Bar Junction, Behind Super Bar Serrekunda THE GAMBIA

Kingdom hall of Jehovah's witnesses Mexico?

Yes there are Kingdom hall's of Jehovah's Witnesses all over the world including Mexico.

Where do jahovah wittnesses worship?

at kingdom halls, located all around the world.

How do i locate the Kingdom Hall of jehovah's witnesses in UTRECTH?

Ask a Jehovahs witness personally - There are numerous Bethels responsible for areas around the world that supply the regions with Bibles and Bible based literature etc. Contact a Bethel and request information. The local Kingdom Hall would be Very inviting and Hospitable as all around the world are. This works for the whole world - If I'm correct try Noorbargerstraat/Emmen.

How many people dont use illegal drugs in the world?

you know seventh day adventist and Mormons and jehovahs witnesses don't probably about 15millionType your answer here...

What does Hitler do?

He was the nazi leader and was one of the people that led the nazis against the jewish people and Jehovahs witnesses in world war 2 believing inthe perfect race,.

Are there any Jehovah's witness kingdom halls built with no windows as a witness that they are not to be of the world?

This is a misunderstanding that many people have. There are some kingdom halls that are built with windows. However, it is primarily a cost savings to have no windows and it reduces opportunities for vandalism.