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Q: How many people were sent to Siberia in world war 2?
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Is it true that during the excesses of the Stalin era dissidents were exiled to Siberia?

Yes Stalin sent many dissidents to exile in Siberia.

Where were opponents of Stalin's regime sent?


Anyone who opposed communism in the Soviet Union was sent .?

To Prison Camps In Siberia

What is siberia famous for?

Siberia is most famous for being a cold desolate place where criminals and opponents of the government were sent to live in exile. Siberia was used in that manner by the Tsars as well as by the Communists.

Who was sent to Siberia after being arrested for revolutionary activity?

Leon Trotsky

Area where many political prisoners in the Soviet Union have been sent to work in slave labor camps?

Many were sent to Siberia. Many of the labour camps were not prisons as we would view them, they were small communities. Fences were not required because of the vast distances involved.

What part of Russia were prisoners sent to work for punishment?

Russian prison camps were spread throughout Russia and it's later territories under the Soviet Union. The most famous region where many of these isolated camps were located was in north eastern Siberia.

Where did CWhere did Czar Nicholas I exile suspected dissenters?

The Imperial Family was kept at their palace in Tsarskoe Selo from the revolution in February/March 1917 until August 1917. They were then sent by train and boat to the Siberian city of Tobolsk in Siberia, where they remained until the following spring. By then the Bolsheviks had seized power, and the new rulers had the family sent to Ekaterinburg, where they remained until their murder on July 16/17, 1918.

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How many prisoners were sent to Majdanek?

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