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about 300 years

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Q: How many years did the babylonian empire last?
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How many years did the Babylonian ancient numeration system last?

400 years

How many years did Greece empire last?

around 200 years

How Many Years Did The British Empire Last?

around 200 years.

How many empires ruled Mesopotamia between 2300 and 539 BCE?

In this period there were the Akkadian Empire, the Old Assyrian Empire, the Babylonian Empire, the Middle Assyrian Empire, the Neo-Hittite Empire, the Neo-Assyrian Empire, and the Neo-Babylonian Empire.

How many years did the Persian Empire last?

550 to 330 BCE.

The Babylonian Captivity of the Jews lasted for how many years?

70 years.

How many years did Hitler believe his empire would last?

Hitler believed his empire would last forever. He referred to it as the 1000-Year Reich, so he expected it to last for at least a millennium.

How did the new Babylonian empire build on the achievement of earlier empire?

The Babylonian Empire was formed out of the older Sumerian and Akkadian states in southern Mesopotamia (modern Iraq); Akkadian, a Semitic language, was used in Babylon for many centuries. Babylon adopted the cuneiform writing system from the Sumerians and built on Sumerian mathematical knowledge.

Following the Babylonian captivity many Jews scattered across the Persian Empire in what is known as what?

The Jews could be scattered in what is now Iraq.

How many years had passed after Romes legendary founding by Romulus when Odavacer deposed the last emperor of the western empire?

About 1,229 years passed between the founding and the fall.

How many years was Constantinople the capital of a united Roman Empire?

For how many years constantinople the capital of a united roman empire ?

How many years of British Empire?

150 years