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it counts how many rats you caught or how big they where but i think over a year they would of earned between 200 and 500k

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Q: How much was a rat catcher paid in the Tudor and Stuart times.?
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How much did a rat catcher earn in the Tudor times?

1 million pounds an hour

Did the Tudors have Tudor Times?

You mean, did they have an era named after them?Yes, in a generic sort of way.Most call it the "Tudor Period."All the historical terms came much, much later when history was recorded, the Tudors would not have called it the Tudor Times

Haw much did ratcatchers get paid in Tudor times?

2.50 in a day

How did they celebrated birthdays in Tudor times?

Not much is known about how birthdays were celebrated in Tudor times or if birthdays were actually celebrated. The Tudor era lasted for over a hundred years.

Was aged29 young in Tudor times?

No ; old, the expectancy of life was much lower

Why was Tudor music so popular in Tudor times?

the music was amazing in Tudor times because there was lot of panto mines and Henry the v111 loved so much i think he would faint the first time hear ed it.

Where would you get buried if you lived in London Tudor times?

in a grave much the same as today

What does prate mean in the Tudor times?

'prate' means to talk much and to little purpose, chatter, babble.

How much did things cost in Tudor times?

There were several types of money that were used in the Tudor times Currency included shillings, pence, and the pound.

How much did a rat catcher earn in Victorian times?


What food did they have in the Tudor times?

In the Tudor times they had lots of different food...depending on how rich you were meant what type/how much food you had/ate. Henry V111 is often depicted with food in his hands and he had lots of banquets and posh food...he even ate doormouse! - hope this helps

When a baseball team paid its pitcher four times more than its catcher. The team paid 40000000 for both salaries. How much does both players get paid?

Both players get $40,000,000. But I think you wanted to know how much EACH player is paid. Let's call the catcher's salary X. The pitcher gets 4 times that much, so it is 4X. Added to the catcher's salary (4x+x=5x) Now divide the total pay (40,000,000) by 5. That is 800,000. That is the catcher's pay. The pitcher gets 4 times that much- (4 x 800,000) or $3,200,000.