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it is beause you are so silly

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Q: How successful was the league of nations in dealing with disputes during the 1920's?
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Which two nations did the us have boundary disputes during the mid-1840's?

Britain and Mexico

Disputes with Spain during the confederation period arose over?

Disputes with Spain during the Confederation period arose over the southern boundary of the United States.

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How successful was the united nations world war 2?

The UN did not exist during WWII. It was founded towards the very end of the war.

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How many nations were in the Allied Nations?

There were about 26 countries during WWI.

Was the League of Nations active during World War 2?

the league of nations was like the untited nations

What are the names of the existing populated nations during Bible times?

What were the names of the existing populated nations during Bible times

What nations helped Israel during the 1956 war?

The nations that helped Israel during the 1956 war was UK and France.

What board was created to settle labor disputes during the war?

National War Labor Board

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