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It was the first instance of globalization. It expanded the geographic range of European civilization to all continents and

of lasting European settlement to three: North and South America and Australia. The language and religious maps of the world

were transformed utterly in ways we still feel today. It also boosted European wealth and technology laying the foundation

for the Industrial Revolution later on.

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Q: How the age of exploration was a turning point in history?
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Why was the age of exploration a major turning point in history?

Because it had a lot of land claiming land and many explores found routes and discover land that didnt even exist in their map

What was the period of history when Europe colonized much of Asia Africa Australia?

Age of Exploration

What was Greece golden age turning point?

u suck rly ..thats the answer? >_>

How did new inventions impact the age of exploration?

It didnt impact the age of exploration

What two items launched The Age of Exploration?

What two items launched The Age of Exploration?

What changed the age of exploration?

The Age of Exploration ended when the undiscovered lands had been discovered.

In what way did the renaissance contribute to the age of exploration?

in what why did Renaissance thought contrubute to the age of exploration?

During which years did the age of exploration occur?

The Age of Exploration occurred primarily during the 15th and 16th centuries, starting around the late 1400s and extending into the early 1600s. This period marked a significant era of maritime exploration by European powers seeking new trade routes, territories, and resources around the world.

Was the Black Death spreading during the Age Of Exploration?

The black death was a big turning point for Europe because of everything that had gone on during the black plague. After the black death people saw how terribly they wee living and disided to change it and now that have become much more cleaner and cautios.

What was the effects on the liberators?

the postwar decades brought a major turning point in the world history when the colonial empired built by western powers during the age of Imperialism crumbled. in Asia and Africa, people demanded and won freedom.

How was nationalism important in the age of exploration?

What role dide the Age of exploration take play in nationalism

Was leif erikson involved in the age of exploration?

No. The age of exploration came centuries after Leif died.