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Q: How was imperialism a result of industrialization and capitalism?
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How did industrialization give rise to capitalism and imperialism?

It didn't. Imperialism and capitalism had been around for centuries before industrialisation.

How did imperialism lead to industrialization?

It would be difficult to link industrialization to Imperialism. Imperialism existed in the world long before the term was created in the 19th century. Industrialization was the result of a number of creative inventors over a long period of time to provide a better way to produce products that previously were handcrafted.

How might government change as a result of industrialization?

Industrialization gave rise to colonization and imperialism by powerful countries and made industrialized become powerful.

What is the relationship between industrialized and imperialism?

Industrialization was brought to the countries that were taken over by Imperialism such as new ways of thinking and new ideas.

How did national and industrialization lead to imperialism?

Very carefully

Did imperialism increase or decrease as a result or industrialization?

My realization is that as industrialization grew, so did the need for more raw materials and the markets in which to sell these new peoducts in. This spurred imperialism and the need to gain more materials, power, and control over nations

Why did imperialism grow of industrialization?

Imperialism grew out of industrialization because the industrialized countries needed a steady supply of raw materials. They accomplished this by setting up colonies and exploiting them for resources.

How is industrialization and globalization related?

globlization and mcDonalization are system of capitalism

What to Marxists global imperialism was the logical last stage of?


Who said imperialism is the last stage capitalism?


Which of the following contributions to European culture can be attributed to the Muslim empire?

AIndustrialization, imperialism, nationalismBImperialism, industrialization, nationalismCNationalism, imperialism, industrializationDIndustrialization, nationalism, imperialism ANSWER: D

This long term cause of war involving a contest for colonies was closely linked with industrialization?