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The Seleucid Empire formed when The Macedonian Empire ( Empire of the Macedonians / empire of Macedon collapsed . After Alexander the Great Died there was no evident heir to the throne . His last words were na naisilnite ( на најсилните ) - to the strongest . this was in terms of the heir to the empire . His empire fell into chaos as his generals fought over his empire . eventually , the Turks formed The Seleucid Empire and took the empires land leaving them with their european territory only . With the exception of northern Thrace . it is debated weather it was taken by Bulgarians , or Thracian rebels .

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Q: How was the Seleucid empire formed?
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When was Seleucid Empire created?

Seleucid Empire was created in 312.

When did Romans conquer the Seleucid empire?

The Romans never conquered the Seleucid Empire.

What is the Seleucid dynasty?

After the death of Alexander the Great, his generals split his empire among themselves. One of these generals was Seleucus, received the Eastern part of the empire. He was the first member of the Seleucid Dynasty. The Seleucid Empire, and the dynasty, survived until 63 BC, when what was left of the empire became part of the Roman province of Syria.

Which empire was defeated by the maccabees and remembered at Hanukkah?

the Seleucid (Syrian-Greek) Empire.

Who are the Seleucid?

The Seleucid empire was one of the fragments of the Macedonian empire founded by Alexander the Great. It was founded by Seleucis I Nicator, one of Alexander's rival generals. The empire stretched from western Turkey and Judea all the way to Iran, and it lasted from 312 BC to 63 BC. The Seleucid dynasty lasted about 11 generations, although the final generations were merely kings of Syria after the empire shrank to be just Syria.

What present day countries control territory that was the Seleucid Empire?

What kind of question-

What present day countries control territory that was controlled by Seleucid Empire?

What kind of question-

What present-day countries control territory that was controlled by the Seleucid empire?

What kind of question-

Who are the three empires of the Intertestamental period?

Roman Empire, Greek Empire, and Persian Empire

What are the four kingdoms the arose out of the decline of alexanders empire?

The four kingdoms were: the Kingdom of Macedon in mainland Greece, the Kingdom of Pergamun (which the Romans later called Pergamon) in western Turkey, the Seleucid Empire. and the Ptolemaic Kingdom, or Kingdom of Egypt. The Seleucid Empire covered Syria, Lebanon, Judaea, Iraq and Persia. It then lost Persia and Iraq to the Parthian Empire a reconstructed Persian Empire.

Where can you find information on maccabee revolt against the Syrian seleucid empire?

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What was Chandragupta Maurya's greatest achievement?

He united most of India, founding what became the first unified Indian Empire (the Maurya Empire), and successfully defended it against invasion by the Seleucid Empire.