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They both signed to open ports for foreign trade

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Q: How was the treaty of kanagawa similar to treaties that China signed with various European powers?
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How was the treaty of kanagawa similar to the treaties signed with various European powers?

They both signed to open ports for foreign trade

How many treaties did the allied delegates draw up between the various participants in the war?

there was a lot of treaties made up

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Treaty is a noun meaning a formal written agreement between two or more sovereignties, such as a peace treaty. Treaties is the plural of treaty. Here are examples of use: "She was researching the treaties between the United States and various Native American tribes for her paper in her political science class." "The Treaties of Rome were two treaties signed by the European Union." Here is an example using the singular - treaty. "The prince claimed the peace treaty had been broken when Spain sent reconnaissance scouts across the border."

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It is alot of words.

How did Napoleon use forceful diplomacy to gain power?

He signed various treaties with the lands he had occupied.

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What nations forced treaties on China in the late 1800s?

Britain, Germany, France, and Russia took advantage of the crumbling Manchu dynasty and forced treaties on China creating "treaty ports" and granting exclusive trading privileges in various parts of the country.

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