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That answer is relative.

By 1920's standards they were treated very well. After all there was a reason so many fled from the United States to Canada. Blacks have a deep history in Canada. Canada in 1819 was one of the first to declare Canadian Blacks were free. They were and are one of the many Nations and cultures that built today's Canada.

By today's standard they were not treated well, or not as well as they could have been. Typical of the age many Canadians held very racial views of people. To them a persons race decided many things. In some cases it meant that the "races" should not mix. In others it meant only certain races should have access to government programs or jobs and could fulfill only certain roles. Sometimes there was open hostility but racial discrimination acts were being passed in the first half of the the 20th century showing that the government and most of the people did not support such racism.

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Q: How were African Canadians treated in the 1920s?
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