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both were married to foreign, unpopular woman

both were unprepared for the power that they were given

both were killed by people taking over their countries

both had at least one daughter before having a son and heir

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They were absolutely not alike at all, though, the only similarity I can think of is that they both reigned France. Louis XVI was King of France and Napoleon crowned himself emperor of France.

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political and military leaders

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Q: How were Louis XVI and Napoleon alike?
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Who was the ruler of France in 1789?

Louis XVI (and his wife Marie Antoinette).

What made Napoleon a better leader then Louis XVI?

He was decisive.

Did Louis XVI topple the directory?

No, the Directory came after Louis XVI. It existed for four years and was dissolved when Napoleon came to power.

Was Napoleon made emperor immediately after the death of Louis XVI?

no. he became the dictator after the Directory.

Did Napoleon Bonaparte support or oppose King Louis XVI?

Napoleon was an emperor and was a stronger (which does not immediately mean better) ruler then Louis XVI overall, although he made poor choices. Louis was very indecisive and did not have a clue on how to do a thing corresponding on how to rule a country. Napoleon on the other hand knew what he needed to do to succeed in most situations but made some bad decisions Louis ran from his duty whereas Napoleon fought for his right to lead France to greatness.

What ways were the governments of king Louis XVI and Napoleon similar?

Both the governments of King Louis XVI and Napoleon Bonaparte were characterized by centralization of power and strong control over the administration. Both leaders sought to strengthen and consolidate the authority of the state, with Louis XVI attempting to reassert royal authority and Napoleon establishing a centralized and efficient bureaucratic system. However, one key difference is that Napoleon's government was more successful in achieving stability and implementing reforms, while Louis XVI's reign was marked by political turmoil and ultimately led to the French Revolution.

Was Louis xvi executed when napoleon took power?

No; several years and three constitutions earlier.

What type of government did France have after Napoleon's death?

After Napoleon was exiled, in France was restored the Monarchy and the brother of the guillotined Louis XVI, reigned as Louis XVIII of Bourbon, King of France until his death (September 16, 1824.

Who was the head of the French government during the French Revolution.?

Napoleon Bonaparte. The King was Louis XVI; the queen was Marie Antoinette.

Louise Vegee was a court painter for Napoleon?

Louise Vigee leBrun was the court painter for Marie Antoinette and Louis XVI

Who was the French king beheaded during the French revolution?

Louis XVI (the sixteenth / seize)

Is Louis xvi single?

No, Louis xvi is not single.