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The political boundaries of Central and Eastern Europe changed significantly.

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Q: In which way were the results of world war 1 and world war 2 similar?
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How were World War 1 and World War 1i simialar?

One way in which WWI and WWII were similar is that they were fought by many nations of the world over a large area, unlike many other wars.

How does one determine efficiency?

One way to determine efficiency is to compare the results with similar cases: * How efficient a person is compared to other people doing similar work * How efficient a process is compared to similar processes Another way is to determine what the minimum steps are required and how long each step should take. Then compare the actual results with the theoretical results.

How are World War I and World War 2 the same and how are they different?

they are similar because their both wars and their different because world war 1 came first and world war 2 came secondAnswerThey were similar in the obvious respect that they were both global wars, and fought with the highest level of industrial technology available at the time. They were different in that WW1 was an imperial war of the type seen many times before, although it was by far the largest. By WW2 imperialism was on the way out, and it was a clash of ideologies (democracy, fascism, and communism) which vied to replace it.

During World War 2 the cities of Coventry and Dresden were connected in what way?

During World War 2, Coventry in England and Dresden in Germany were connected in that both were subjected to devastating bombing raids that results in widespread destruction and the deaths of thousands of people.

In what way did Japan benefit from World War 2?

It allowed Japan to rebuild, creating a democratic government and financial structure similar to those in western societies. (A+)

What was the glorification of war and military?

The glorification of war is, the best way of describing the tragety of war. It's similar to the fact of military.

Was Florence Nightingale a nurse in World War?

no way she was in the crimean war

Why did World War 2 end the way it did?

The reason World War 2 had to end the way it did was because there was no other way to end the war. So many people were being killed and neither side would serrender.

Does the term 'Great Patriotic War' refer to World War 1?

No. It is the way that the Soviet Union described its own war with Germany in World War 2.

What was one of the results of the opium wars in china?

One way in which the Sepoy Rebellion in India and the Boxer Rebellion China similar is that they attempted to

The world war 2 song was a long way to...?

Its a long way to Tipperary.

In what most significant way was the American attitude towards the exercise of world power after World War 1 and World War 2 the same?

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