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King Louis XVI

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King Louis XVI.

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Q: King whose head was chopped off in the French Revolution?
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A college that is named after a french king whose head was chopped off in thr french revolution?

King George III

Who was king loui xvi?

The King of France when the French Revolution happened.

Which war led to the creation of a short lived republic whose leaders resorted to a reign of terror during national crisis?

The French Revolution (1789) led to the regicide of King Louis XVI and the declaration of a the First French Republic.

Who was the last French King before the French Revolution?

King Louis XVI.

French King who was executed duing the French Revolution?

King Louis XVI was the only French King to be executed.

Who was king on the eve of the fench revolution?

Louis XVI was king on the eve of the french revolution.

Fact on the King of France during the French Revolution?

Louis XVI was an inept and indecisive French King who lost his office and his head during the French Revolution.

What is the definition of the French Revolution?

the french revolution was a rebellion of the french against their king. it was a bloody and violent batttle/rebellion

Who was the King of France at the time of French Revolution?

The French revolution began in 1789 and ended in 1799. The King was Louis XVI, he was executed in 1793.

What famous king and king lost their heads during then french revolution?

The French king under the French revolution was King Louis XVI. The Queen was Marie-Antoinette. They were both executed using the guillotine.

Who were king and queen of France before and during the french revolution?

Louis XVI. He was deposed and sent to the guillotine.

What happens to Marie Antoinette?

Marie and her husband, the French king, were arrested and taken prisoner by the Revolution Held and later their heads were chopped off at the guillotine . She went to her death wearing her favorite color purple.