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Q: Of a race of people occupying a large part of eastern and northern Europe is called what?
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What are Europe's five regions called?

Northern Europe, Southern Europe, Western Europe, Central Europe, and Eastern Europe.

How is a Mediterranean climate differ rent from he climate in eastern Europe and northern Europe?

The mediterranean climate is subtropical. Eastern Europe has a so-called land climate: hot in summer, cold in winter. Northern Europe has a so-called subarctic climate, in the west tempered by the influence of the (warm) Gulf stream.

What region of the world is europe in?

Europe spans the Eastern and Western Hemisphere. It is also in the Northern Hemisphere. There is also a term called the Western World, which basically means industrialized democratic nations (but more or less just Europe, Northern America, and Japan).

What are the four hemispheres called?

The four hemispheres are called the Northern Hemisphere, Southern Hemisphere, Eastern Hemisphere, and Westhern Hemisphere.

What is the flat area of Eastern Europe or Russia called?


What is Plum brandy called made in eastern Europe?


What is north Europe called?

Simply northern Europe. Or there are smaller areas, like scandinavia.

Is there a town in the states called northern Europe?

I searched using Google Earth - when I centred the globe on america, and typed in 'northern europe' to the search box, it immediately rotated the view to show the continent of Europe. Therefore, I'm assuming any town called northern europe does not exist in america.

What are the huge lakes in the northern eastern US called?

Great lakes

What type of curtain divided eastern and western Europe during the cold war?

i believe it was called the "iron curtain" that divided eastern and western Europe

Is B flat called H in northern Europe?


Is there a country called Transylvania?

No, there isn't. Transylvania is a region in eastern Europe.