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Clement Attlee, Winston Churchill, Antony Eden, Harold McMillan (check spelling), Alex Douglas Hulme (check spelling), Harold Wilson, Edward Heath, Harold Wilson, James Callaghan, Margaret Thatcher, John Major, Tony Blair, Gordon Brown.

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LLoyd-George*; Baldwin*; Ramsay-MacDonald*; Chamberlain; Churchill*; Attlee*; Eden; MacMillan; Douglas-Home; Wilson*; Heath; Callaghan; Thatcher*; Major; Blair*; Brown. Note: Those marked with an * served more than 1 term.

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Clement Atlee 1945-1951

Winston Chrchill 1951-1955

Anthony Eden 1955-1957

harold Mcmillan 1957-1963

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The United Kingdom is known to have several colorful prime ministers. Since 1900, some of these have been Winston Churchill, Tony Blair, Margaret Thatcher, John Major, and Edward Heath.

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Q: Prime Ministers of the UK since 1920?
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How many prime ministers of UK have there been?

How many Prime Ministers in UK has Queen Elizabeth 2nd met during her reign

Who were some of the most famous Prime Ministers of UK?

There have been several high-profile UK Prime Ministers of the UK. Famous Prime Ministers include Tony Blair, Margaret Thatcher, Winston Churchill and current Prime Minister David Cameron.

How many UK prime ministers has there been since 1933?

There has been a total of 18 UK Prime Ministers since 1933. They are:Ramsay MacDonaldStanley BaldwinNeville ChamberlainWinston ChurchillClement AttleeWinston Churchill (he was re-elected)Sir Anthony EdenHarold MacmillanSir Alec Douglas-HomeHarold WilsonEdward HeathHarold Wilson (he was re-elected)James CallaghanMargaret ThatcherJohn MajorTony BlairGordon BrownDavid Cameron

Who chooses the cabinet of ministers on UK?

The UK government, or parliament, makes such decisions.

How many UK prime ministers have served during the reign of Queen Elizabeth 11?

Since Her Majesty's ascension to the throne in 1952, there have been 12 prime Ministers including the present one - David Cameron.

When did the UK start to have prime ministers?

Robert Walpole was the first British Prime Minister in 1721.

How many labor prime ministers have there been in UK?

Six Labour Prime Ministers,Ramsey MacDonald.Clement Attlee.Harold Wilson,,PM, Callaghan.A.Blair.PM Brown.

Who was prime minister when Clinton was president?

The US does not have a Prime Minister. Several countries do. The Prime Ministers of the UK were John Major and Tony Blair.

Is the UK prime minister's sister-in-law embrace the Islam?

No. The former UK prime ministers' sister-in-laws has said she is embracing Islam. She may change her mind.

Presidents of United Kingdom?

The UK has Prime Ministers not Presidents. The current PM is Gordon Brown.

Who was the prime minister of the UK between 1850 and 1950?

That is a period of 100 years. There were more than 30 Prime Ministers in that time.

Did Tony Blair succeed John Major as the Canadian prime minister?

Both were British Prime Ministers. Canada has its own Prime Minister, separate to the UK