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Q: Should all nations have self-determination
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The Open Door Policy stated that all nations should?

the nations should be open for trade and commerce. have equal trading rights in China

Should nation be capitalized if it is used as the synonym for the US?

Yes as should all nations.

What is general association of nations?

A League of Nations should be set up to guarantee the political and territorial independence of all states.

What are the characteristics of an internationalist?

An internationalist is someone who believes that all nations should cooperate with each other. Also, nations should have an understanding, and practice equality amongst each other.

Do all nations should practice same type of regulations in sustaining their environment?


Should women be prevented from entering the military in all league of nations member states?

There hasn't been a League of Nations for over 60 years, but no country should give up its national sovereignty to an international organization .

Which two presidents who believed all nations should be free?

John f. Kennedy & Abraham Lincoln

What did the declaration of human rights say?

The declaration stated that all people have certain human rights that should be respected by ''all peoples and all nations.''

Should nations align themselves with other nations in the interests of nations and world peace?

because they are stupid

When flags of two or more nations are flown on separate staffs the US should be what than the others?

the us flag should all ways be taller

Should the United Nations become involved in mandating laws that require all buildings to be earthquake safe?

The United Nations as a whole does not have real power unless it is given to it by the member nations. The United Nations can agree on trying to make all building earthquake proof but there is no way to enforce such a mandate. Can they become involved? Yes. Can they enforce this kind of mandate? No.

Should united nations be capitalized?

Yes, "United Nations" should be capitalized because it is the official name of an organization.