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economic prosperity.

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Q: The optimism that characterized Londoners during the Victorian age was primarily caused by what?
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In what ways did European culture after World War 1 challenge the assumptions of the pre-war 19th century European culture?

Europe lost much of its previous optimism and there was a widespread sense of disorientation.

What was the Golden Age in Spain like?

The Golden Age of Spain was one of great optimism and exploration by the Spanish royalty. The nation colonized vast areas of the world and grew extremely wealthy in a very short time.

What where living conditions like in Australia in the 1900s?

Australia had only recently federated during the 1900s. The Australian economy needed more people to migrate to Australia, and thus they gave information about the excellent work conditions of Australia. Although nowhere near modern standards, the condition in Australia was better than the conditions in many other countries, and this persuaded people to migrate. The country had a new sense of patriotism in the light of Federation in 1901. During the years leading up to World War I, there was a greater sense of fighting for one's country and, even more, showing old Mother England that Australians were made of sterner stuff than Britain had ever credited them for. The writings of people such as Banjo Paterson and Henry Lawson generated support for the underdog, and an appreciation of the harshness of life in the bush and the outback. It underscored what strong and determined people Australians really were. Many people finished their education at age 12, not going on to high school. Children worked at a trade or on the family farm to help out. Agriculture was the country's mainstay and, of course, motor-driven vehicles were few and far between. Regarding sewerage, most residences in Australia in the early 1900s had a "thunderbox" or "dunny" in the backyard. This would either be a trench or a hole that would be filled in when it was no longer usable, or a can that could be taken out and emptied. Sawdust or similar filler was used to cover the waste when the user was finished. The sewerage system was still fairly new and restricted to more affluent suburbs in large cities such as Sydney and Melbourne. Proper sewerage and sanitation was expensive. Addition: In 1901 the immigration policy was given, which meant that if a person was not deemed fit (i.e. non British), then he or she sat a dictation test which very few people passed. Australia didn't want any non-European immigrants. Australia wanted to be a "white" Australia and it achieved that. This was one of the goals of Federation.

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What were the Victorian buildings like?

Victorian buildings were characterized by intricate detailing, steep roofs, tall windows, and elaborate facades. They often incorporated a mix of architectural styles, including Gothic Revival, Italianate, and Queen Anne. Victorian buildings were ornate and grand, reflecting the wealth and optimism of the era.

What post disaster phase is generally characterized by optimism due to an infusion if resources?

a post disaster phase is generally characterized by optimism due to an infusion of resources?

What are the main characteristics of poetry in the Victorian Age?

Victorianpoetry is characterized by poets dilemma of being fixated between optimism andpessimism. the poetry has a utilitarian view and does not glorify nature like the romantics.

Which post disaster phase is generally characterized by optimism due to an infusion of resourced?

Honeymoon phase.

What does the suffix mean in hopeful?

The suffix "-ful" in "hopeful" means full of or characterized by. In this case, it signifies that the person is full of hope or optimism.

Is a desperate person characterized by laughter smiling and optimism?

Not necessarily. A desperate person may display a range of emotions, including laughter, smiling, or optimism, as a coping mechanism or to mask their true feelings. It's important to look beyond these superficial behaviors to understand the person's true state of mind.

What is a sentence with optimism in it?

optimism is cool

Do you say optimism for or optimism in?


Who is the patron saint of optimism?

There is no patron saint of optimism.

What targets does Voltaire attack in Candide?

In "Candide," Voltaire primarily criticizes blind optimism, philosophical optimism as portrayed by Leibniz, religious hypocrisy, arbitrary authority, and irrationality in the face of evil and suffering. These targets are mocked through the misfortunes that the characters endure throughout the novel.

Is hopeful a feeling?

Hopeful is an emotion characterized by optimism and a belief that positive outcomes are possible in the future. It involves a sense of anticipation and expectation for good things to come.

When was Mindless Optimism created?

Mindless Optimism was created in 1994.