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Q: The system of cooperation known as feudalism ended around the 15th century?
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The system of cooperation known as feudalism ended around the?

15 centery

What political system governed most of Europe in the eighteenth century?

absolute monarchy

Which labor systems was the most similar to the 14th century English system as described in this excerpt?

Japanese feudalism

What system of government was based on the exchange of the land for protection and service?


What does the word feudalism?

Feudalism, a term first used in theearly modern period (17th century), in its most classic sense refers to a Medieval European political system composed of a set of reciprocal legal and military obligations among the warrior nobility, revolving around the three key concepts of lords, vassals, and fiefs. There is no broadly accepted modern definition of feudalism.

Is feudalism still big today?

No it is not. Feudalism was a medieval system.

A political and military system based on the holding of land?

Feudalism Every sovereign state

What is the system of feudalism?


What is system of feudalism?


When did fuedilism start?

Feudalism started in the 9th century, during the Medieval Era. It was very popular, but most nations now are not using a feudal system.

What is a political system in which land is given for military?

Feudalism is a political system in which land is given for military.

How did the Reformation lead to the growth of feudalism?

The Reformation did not lead to the growth of feudalism; in fact, it occurred during the decline of the feudal system. The Reformation was a religious movement in the 16th century that challenged the authority of the Catholic Church and led to significant social and political changes in Europe, but it did not directly impact the feudal system.