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Q: To a seaman when is the first watch?
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When was The Viking Watch of the Danish Seaman created?

The Viking Watch of the Danish Seaman was created in 1948.

What is the duration of The Viking Watch of the Danish Seaman?

The duration of The Viking Watch of the Danish Seaman is 1.75 hours.

What is an able seaman?

An Able Seaman is an experienced seaman in the upperdeck department who assists the officer on watch, steers the ship and keeps gangway watch; one grade higher than the beginning grade of ordinary seaman; AB for short; AB was used apparently instead of AS to avoid confusion with OS which stands for ordinary seaman

Why does the seaman give the narrator a silver fourpenny?

Because the seaman wants the narrator to watch for a peg-legged man for him. Every month, the seaman gives Jim (the narrator) a silver fourpenny for doing this. Read Treasure Island to learn more.

What is the difference between seaman and seafarer?

SEAMAN is the first called to a person working SEABASED, this usually are MALE. But as time goes by WOMEN are now also performing the duties of a SEAMAN that's why SEAMAN was changed to SEAFARER to make it more universal.

Was Henry Hudson the first seaman to sail around the world?


What are Navy Recruits called?

The official term for a Enlisted Navy Recruit is "Seaman Recruit". For Officers attending the Naval Academy, they are know as "Midshipmen". ---- clown, recruit, seaman, idiot, screw up. pretty much watch full metal jacket and write down every name you hear

Who was the first british seaman to sail around the world was?

Is it Cabot or Drake?

What is the highest rank in the British navy?

I think it is The First Lord Seaman.

What does Bradford say happened to the 'proud and profane' seaman who made fun of the Puritans when they were sick during the voyage?

Bradford believed that the seaman's pride and mean behavior led God to make the seaman fall ill and be the first to die.

When the recruit has graduated from boot camp are they then referred to as Seamen?

Not always. It is proper to refer to Seaman Recruits (E-1), Seaman Apprentices (E-2) and Seaman (E-3) all as Seaman. However, there is also Fireman, Constructionman, etc. So if you are a Seaman, Seaman Apprentice, or Seaman Recruit, then yes, you can be referred to as Seaman.

Is Petty officer higher than seaman?

In the US Navy, the ranks of "Seaman Recruit", "Seaman Apprentice" and "Seaman" are junior to the rank of Petty Officer 3rd Class. In increasing rank are Petty Officer 2nd Class, Petty Officer First Class and Chief Petty Officer. So, yes, any of the Petty Officer ranks are higher than any of the Seaman (or Airman or Fireman) ranks.